Living BY Your Light Will Bring Peace To The World!

Instead of asking, “what do you do?”, may we start asking questions such as, “what do you like to do? what do you love? who are you as a person? who are you as pure energy? what brings you joy?”

Dear Ones,

Do not focus so much on what is happening around you. Go within and see the shift that is happening with in your own heart.

Open to the changes in perception as you move more fully into your True Self.  Your body matrix, your ego, is a focal point through which the Holy Spirit finds expression!

Source did not make any mistakes with its original creation. The miss creation has come about as a result of our imbalance, misconception, and miss-perception (self judgement)!

Love your ego I as I love it!

Love it unconditionally!

Shaina Noll – How Could Anyone – lyrics

Self love is the greatest tool to awaken humanity!

Self love is not selfish it is a requirement for loving others!

As you move into uncharted waters open to allow your Consciousness, your Soul and the Over Soul (Holy Spirit) to move YOUR BODY MATRIX into vibrational atonement (AT-ONE-MENT) with the purity of the vibrational frequency of your source for love .The Soul is fully aware of it’s connection to its own source. Source being the Life Force (The Zero Point Field-The Awareness Field) that flows through all things all dimensions and all realities. it is time for the intellectual mind to get on board board. Open to allow your conditioned mind to have the experience of the multi-dimensional expression of the mind.

Truth be told; you are never connected nor not connected to the ALL! Separation is a perceptual misunderstanding as a result of the lower states of consciousness. Just as the clouds in the sky are not connected to the atmosphere so to are you or I separate, or disconnected, from our own source, or separate, disconnected, from all dimensions.


The Healing Song by Karen Drucker

Find ways to balance the body & brain using techniques such as brain gym!


Then spend time everyday to be quite as you focus on the upgrade happening in your brain and in the mitochondrial DNA.

Your perception is everything!

As you look out at your world with eyes of wonder see the magic of the moment in this your outer reality will shift beyond your wildest imagination, see with the

eyes of Divine Love!

As the mind begins to surrenders the hold it has on your consciousness. Your consciousness is free to expand into the field of Unlimited Potential, in this the Ego feels the Loving embrace of the Soul. It realizes that it will not be lost in the Oneness of this Unified Field. As the fear of loosing its unique attributes fades into understanding and acceptance your Ego welcomes and embraces this change.

Invite your consciousness to be freed from the prison that the mind has created. Surrender all attachments to previous experiences. It is our attachments to our experiences that has created a world of separation, it has held your consciousness captive. In this illusion of separateness is created the misunderstanding of greed, opposition, intolerance, and violence resulting in fear of life.  The anguish of birth and death made way to grief, pain and suffering.  Birth and death became This fear o is of your own doing.  Living in fear made way to anger and resentment a cascading effect of a quantum soup of shame, blame, and grief arose with in the heart which left no more room for the love of your own source to be expressed. In this misunderstanding linear time was created and your mind holds fast onto thoughts of the past or the future, keeping you from fully embracing the moment of Joy.

Your outer world is a direct reflection as to where your consciousness resides. When the consciousness is free to expand, and is aware of the Soul then you see that your outer reality will shift into a new paradigm. This new paradigm is one of compassion, understanding, Unconditional Love and Joy. You live in the full understanding as to who you really Are as an expression of your Divinity, an expression of the Holy Spirit!

You are physical manifestation of Consciousness. Realize you are the programmer and the program of your life. You are the observer and the observed. You are God experiencing God. You are the manifestation of the Life Force that runs through all things, this life force is Unconditional Love and Joy.

Once you experience your center (your core-your Central Sun) the aspects of duality disappear. There is only one Central Sun, the infinite field of all thought and all thought possibilities, flowing through the ALL.

As all your past experienced are transformed, as you see all your experiences with the eyes of the Spirit, with the eyes of your Soul (Compassion, Unconditional Love, and Joy). The glue (your emotional attachment) to your stories will be washed away. You will no longer hold onto anything that creates reactivity with in you.

You will maintain your inner balance and your inner harmony. You will live a truly abundant life, full of magic, as the Universe is flowing forth only Love and Joy, for there is nothing with in you that would draw anything else.

As YOU move fully into your true nature and live fully in “The Freedom of Love” walking in full embodiment of who you are a wonderful peace will emanate from your heart.  Emanating only love  you will see your outer reality shift beyond your wildest imaginings.

In the mean time walk softly upon our sweet planet!

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As you move into alignment with the truth make this truth made manifest by taking inspired (spirit inducted) action steps for change.

Please join Prepare For Change and participate in the Global Meditation every Sunday.

Please do your part and meditated on a loving heart daily!

Let there be truth!

Let there be light!

Let there be love!

So all will IN JOY!

My love onto you Dear Hearts!


Keep us all in perfect alignment with the

Divine Will of Creation

Have us realize the Love from which we are all created

Have us live this vibration

of Love at all times

Open up our hearts so that we will see,

And hear, and feel,

Not only with our eyes, and ears, and hands,

But with our hearts as well,

Have our experience by the Holy Spirits experience,

Have the Holy Spirits experience be our experience

May we all be blessed in the love and the light Of the Infinite

Take inspired action and live life on purpose…do things purposefully from the heart.

Living to love and loving to live!

Be in joy!

Infinite blessings for a life of harmony, peace, joy, and boundless love that comes with the knowing each is their own source for life and their own source for love!



Lorna Richard (Spiritual Alchemist, Cellular Activation Specialist)

Sofia Love

Angel and Dove

PS: Thank you for following my blog and I hope to hear comments from you, let me know your experience, let me know what you would like to see from me in the future.

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