What Is Evil?

Following our weekly meditation, the subject of evil came up. One of the participants, who has become a dear friend asked me “Lorna what do you think of evil people?” I told her “with my experiences of life as I observe my own and others behavior I have come to realize that evil only manifests in the absence of ‘Self Love”‘.

There is only One Prime Creator, all of creation stems from the One Infinite Field. Is a Logos (field of consciousness) all thought and all thought possibilities which is the MIND OF GOD. We are in fact pure potentiality yet we have created a finite world stuck in the psychology of belief.

Thoughts are things they are light. Source is both a beingness and infinite awareness (zero point) field which is void of light.  All of life springs forth from this Light of Divine Love. This aspect of you is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and understands life completely.

Evil exists as a result of the actions of man. Evil is not a source just as love is not a source separate from the individual. In the presence of Divine Love evil cannot exist. The vibrational resonance of the Source of you transmutes all vibrational energy that is not of it.

Evil is seen when the body/mind/spirit is vibrationally weighed down by the energy created while in physical form when the so called “negative” emotions are created. This density pollutes our field and our vision is distorted. In this distortion, we are not able to see the truth and life is not valued.

Have you noticed those that do evil have lost their respect of self? There is no appreciation for the life that we are creating when we are in anger and/or resentment.

Evil is seen in men and women when compassion and love are not present thus anger and fear have a strangle hold on the psyche. Individuals blinded by greed and drunk on the illusion of power will act outside of thier true nature which is love. An enlightened being will have love as fist cause and take right action.
Evil is seen when selflessness becomes selfishness.
Evil is expressed when money has been corrupted by greed.
Evil is seen when an individual holds themselves, holds their religion, above another and oppression and slavery are born.

Separation is the source of all human suffering. People have not looked at their own violent tendencies…when does evil become evil? Any source of separation is a expression of violent and the source of human suffering. Yes, the horrors of war (rape, torture, and murder) pedophilia, as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice are deliberate to bring about Separation. Yet, we do not look at how we express this and perpetuate this in our own life? Emotional and spiritual immaturity has been the down fall of mankind.

Not taking responsibility to understand and innerstand the nature of violence in our own beingness. Krishnamurti did say it very well when he said “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” The foundation of the corrupt emotional body comes down to separation. Separating the corporeal from the spirit is the source of grief, sadness, shame, blame, guilt. It is the source of all fear. The psychology of belief has captured our mind and bound our spirit. We are living in a mental prison of our own making. At its worse Jealousy is the fear of not being good enough which turns into the expression of self loathing.

Fear is not feeling safe in our own environment yet when we truly know the truth is their anything to fear?  If we could remember how to fly would we be afraid of falling?

The fear of condemnation keeps the flame of evil burning. The Divine Source of creation is unconditional in its capacity to love. The inability to see the truth that we are the ones keeping ourselves vibrationally out of harmony with our own source has kept us miss-creating for 82 billion years. Are we ready to evolve yet?

I usually do a summation of the energy of the meditation so once I got home I sat in front of my computer later that evening contemplating on what Hazel had asked me.

The first thought that I heard was:
“Transmute energy with the Vibration of LOVE!”

Dear Ones,

There is nothing manifested in the physical or the nonphysical that has not come from the Light of Creation. There is no one individual, or group of individuals, any were in the Universe that has not come from this Light of Divine Love. If you are experiencing this energy of evil it is because you are so removed from your original design that you no longer feel Loved and joy is not expressed. Know that you are held fast by your illusion of your own making. This Love/Light from which you have come forth to be in physical form is always here for you, it is steadfast and unwavering. In the illusion of separation there is a heaviness produced with in your heart.

The evil that you are perceiving is generated by your perception of it. The manifestation of fear has you blind to the truth. You have limited your own perception as you hold fast to judgment, in this judgment you have created separation. It is a perpetual loop of your own making. The heart becomes full and over flowing with the energy of anger, fear, resentment and the list goes on until there is no more room in your heart for love.

You project this vibration and inflict pain and suffering onto your own body and others. This pain and suffering you have sustained in your interactions with others is perpetuated as you hold fast to your stories even though these stories are distorted from your own perceptual misunderstanding. You are the ones that have created anger and fear no one has done it for you. You do it for yourself in the interaction where there has been a misunderstanding and the absence of the feeling of being loved. With this illusion of disconnection as you interact with others, as you have experiences with others, it is here that you fill your mind with shame and blame. The thought that “I am not good enough”, “I never do anything right”, is a magnetic field and you draw to you more of the same. These magnetic thoughts create feelings in the body that are not in harmony with life. These feeling as they fill the mind to capacity they over flow into your heart. The body expresses this out of tune state by expressing pain and disease. It is a domino effect that has held you captive in this illusion, and it has filled your heart to capacity over many life times of misunderstandings keeping you from the truth of the love that resides here. Your mind is out of coherence with your heart. You are losing your capacity to Love, and this is the only thing that you are striving for. Why can you not see IT? You are so full of hurt, so full of pain, and you bring forth anger and fear from these feelings as you project it to others. There is no love in this projection of anger and fear.

Why can you not see the suffering of others? Why is it so hard to see the actions you see as evil originate from pain and suffering as you project more suffering on yourself and each other. In this projection you are spreading this anger and this hate because of you’re in ability to shift your perception. You hold fast to your stories and with this you fill each other’s hearts with this anger, fear, hate, jealousy, resentment, the list goes on until there is no more room for Love. You’re Body and your Soul are calling for you to shift your vibrational resonance to be in tune so that the Soul can be expressed in physical form. Love is the thing that will bring you to your happiness. It is the lack of understanding of who and what you really are that is holding you back from experiencing life in JOY. It is a domino effect that has gone on far to long. From parent to child, and child to parent you teach each other the energy of anger, and of fear. Are you tired yet? Are you tired of this illusion? Your hearts are being filled with all this energy of pain and suffering because you do not feel this love that I have for you that you have for yourself. Know that you are not separate from ME.

All the individuals in this Universe are interacting with each other causing each other pain and suffering because you do not feel my Love for you. You do not feel the love that you have for yourself. The individuals that are not feeling my love because they have vibrationally distanced themselves from Me this out of tune state has corrupted the brain. You have filled your hearts with so much energy that is not in vibration resonance with Me in this the mind has created this illusion of separation. Know that this spark of Divinity is carried in each person’s heart, no exceptions. It is the gift from Heaven that is every ones birth right. This spark of Love is gifted to you by ME. It is a gift from you to you. This spark of Light, of Divine Love, it is your gift, is you’re Divinity that you give to each other in the union you share, as you bring forth a child. It is in not remembering this gift and sharing it with others that you suffer. Suffering is not necessary nor desirable by ME. My Will is not in opposition of your Will, I wish for you to always be in your joy and you have felt this joy when you have connected with me. Why do you not express it in every minute? You are not separate from your Divinity. It is flowing forth from you, it is you.

Allow for the illusion of separation to dissolve from the mental and your life will transform beyond your wildest imagination. I Love you and I hold this Divine spark safe for you deep within your heart. Look deep into your heart and you will find me. Allow yourself to feel this Love. Allow me to shine a flash light of understanding into the heart and expand this spark of Love/Light for all the world to see. Dissolve the illusion of separation and shine your magnificence. Your ego is feeling neglected and miss understood. Your ego is the part of you that has been created in order that you be set free to experience physical reality. It is that part of you that makes you unique. The ego, your ego, is a unique and special manifestation of your Divinity. It is a gift from me, it is a gift from yourself, on the day of your conception. It is a gift from each other as you come forth in physical form. Love it as I love. Love all as yourself. Once you realize that there is only self-creator-ship involved in everything that you are experiencing and that there is no such thing as a victim at this level of understanding you will be functioning from self-empowerment.

Every individual on the planet is an energy generator. You are the one that is bringing forth the energy that you are holding in your own body. No one has done this for you, you do it for yourself. Put your awareness on your own heart space and look deep to see what energy you are holding in this space, this space where only love is supposed to reside. Each individual is responsible for the energy of the Universe. As you project the energy of your own heart be aware of the energy that you are projecting out to the world. Each individual on the planet is generating the energy of this planet, is generating the energy frequency of The Universe. Are you conscious of this energy? Are you able and willing to take responsibility for this? In shifting the energy of your own heart, you will shift the energy of this planet and of the Universe. Are you ready to step up to your responsibility?

As you become aware of your union with Source, with Divine Love, you allow this frequency of Divine Love to elevate the mind/spirit, and the physical expression of it and all that you are seeing in your reality will shift beyond your wildest imagination. That which you deem as evil cannot exist in the union with self for there is only love at this level of expression.

Let there be truth!
Let there be light!
Let there be LOVE!
So that all can BE JOY!

Lorna Richard
Sofia Love
March 2010 Edited January 13, 2017

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