Nothing Is As It Seems

Do you really want to be free? As long as you claim to be a citizen of a Nation you are bound by the Laws of that nation.
The actions of those in the committee of 300 and the members of the Khazarian Mafia/Illuminate/Jesuit Order through the creation of the class system, the banking system, as well as the taxation system,  upheld by the non-justice justice system are in violation of Prime Directive! Humanity has from the beginning been interfered with. The rights of the individual to live by Divine Law has been violated. Yet there is nothing that heaven can do to stop it because it violates prime directive? I find this fact very disturbing.

Those without honor, lacking in morality and ethics, have created laws, a court system, and the judiciary then used these systems against the citizens of the world by taking away the rights of the individual in favor of corporations. In what humane society, would a fiction such as a corporation have over flesh and blood? This violates the will of the individual. I am sickened that no one has put a stop to this tyrannical system. Why has no one stopped the narcissistic psychopaths working out of the Vatican?
They have gotten away with this sick scheme by stealing our name at birth. Our name was given to us by our parents in an act of love as a means to identification and communication.  What is most disturbing is the fact that so many think that it is reasonable for some diabolical narcissist to came up with the idea that capitalizing the letters of our name magically creates a corporate fiction there by declaring us lost at sea.

The perversion of those that created the Vatican is infecting the human genome.  Why is keeping people from seeing that the Vatican is ground zero for all human suffering. The crimes by those working through the Vatican must be exposed. I call for ‘full disclosure’ and immediate action NOW!

The health of my body and brain was interfered with at birth when my body was injected with poisons and foreign DNA which has interfered with the natural and normal functioning of the cells of my body. Being vaccinated as a child also compromised the immune system. Like many others I was assimilated into this corrupt system at birth by way of the birth certificate scam.

My attempt to assist other to know themselves, and to know the truth, has been interfered with as my emails have been manipulate. My enlightenment has been interfered with. This is a violation of my will. If the earth was designated as a free will zone, then it is the High Councils duty to ensure it is maintained. if the High Council is not maintaining Prime Directive what good is the High Council? Prime Directive has been violated from the very beginning as humanity has been manipulated by the master manipulator. It boggles the mind that the prime directive has been violated for the last 82 billion years give or take…who really knows?.

Invading another culture the invaders must adhere to the Prime Directive as set out by the Prime Creator. What good is a law when the laws themselves are violated by the insane? The High Council itself is negligent in not insuring that universal laws are maintained. Those that have violated this directive must be taken into immediate custody.

The forced conversion to Christianity or to a One World Religion is in violation of the prime directive. All treaties are void. All constitutions must be converted to Natural Law and the Natives of the Land be put to their rightful status as keepers of Mother Earth.
The individuals behind the Vatican have violated prime directive thus must be taken into immediate custody. The Popes all 3 of them and their unholy priests have violated free will in teaching false doctrine.
The not so royal “Royalty” on the planet are in violation of prime directive and in violation to natural law. They are not living by Divine Law. A true “ROYAL” would not give elegance to any God for they would be enlightened to the truth of Oneness. They would know that they are God and would see this in all others. They would be in service to those that are serving them. There would  be no servant. 

Know the truth and you will be free! All people of the world deserve to know the great deception by those behind the Vatican that have chosen to control the evolution of consciousness, they have controlled the evolution of life for long enough. We really need to be educating ourselves and each other especially the people in the West all citizens of the world need to know that they are slaves to those that created the Vatican?

Weather you know it or not you are bound by the Vatican by way of the birth certificate. Using the Babylonian Blacks (black magic) courts system will never yield social justice unless you know how to restore jurisdiction. The judge has no right to hold you to a system that violated your Divine Rights. The judge is not enlightened, these men and women are standing by the laws of man created by lesser men.

It matters not what country you are born in or under. The Vatican is ground zero for all human atrocities. Until the Vatican is exposed the soul of mankind is still bound by those that claim to own them. Each person must claim their sovereignty and demand the money stolen from them over many life times be returned to them.

Demand your birth right and have your money returned to you. An individual claiming to be an American or any other citizen is bound by the laws of man. A great atrocity has been perpetrated against those born with a birth certificate. You must realize that each person born with a birth certificate has been claimed as property of the Vatican. Each must proclaim themselves from the binding of mans laws you must realize by not doing so you’re unwittingly binding yourself to the defacto courts created by lesser men, Blacks Laws (Babylonian Black Magic).

Citizens and Indigenous people cannot assume to have obligations to or under the protection of a Nation other than their own. Do you understand? I am under the Laws of Heaven when I am living and expressing under Natural Law-the Law of One-the Law of Love.

By Divine Right all are created equal with equal rights. These rights are not granted and therefore cannot be taken away. The earth by Divine Right cannot be owned or ruled. The question of jurisdiction of land, or lack of it, is the exclusive right of the individual under Natural Law.

By what or who’s authority did the “Illuminati” lay claim to the earth?
By who’s authority did the “Illuminati” take ownership of my soul, my spirit or anyone else’s?
Those living by the “Illuminati’s” false teachings are in violation of that which created them.

By Divine right the earth nor its inhabitants can be owned… the binding of another is a mortal sin. Those that have done so have fallen from grace their actions are not of Divine Will. They have broken their covenant with heaven. Enslavement is in defiance to the One Infinite Creator, to enslave and/or bind another is a mortal sin, it is not living by the principle of the Law of One.
The citizens are the benefactors, beneficiaries, and heir of the planet,  all are benefactors, beneficiaries, and heirs of creation. All are born with inalienable rights these rights are not granted and therefore cannot be taken away. All people of the world have the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The endless wars manufactured by the narcissistic psychopaths at the Vatican have violated the inalienable rights of the citizens of the world this must be stopped immediately.

All those that have violated the rights of others to live in liberty and happiness must be incarcerated and brought before High Council. The Babylonian Court system created by the unilluminated, the unholy, are incapable of providing social justice.

All bankers are committing fraud, embezzlement, and entrapment everyday. They are in violation to the scriptures with the assistance of the Black Magic Babylonian Courts created by those to control all aspects of human life and inhibit the evolution of consciousness. 

Exodus 22:25
“If you lend money to one of my people among you who is needy, do not treat it like a business deal; charge no interest.”

Reconciliation, restitution, and restorative justice thought truth is the path to healing a profoundly sick global society.

The money stolen from the people and held at the Vatican must be returned to the people that earned it. The money in the accounts of those known as the “Illuminati” must be seized and the money distributed to the people for their pain and suffering over many life times.


All aspects of life is controlled by the “dark nobility” known as the “Illuminati”.  They are pirates that used violence to control our beloved planet.



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